Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Life & Food

Love this blog! Life & Food is a food blog based on the Tijuana/San Diego border. Is a culinary road trip of Baja and Southern California. The first time I heard about this blog was on the book signing of Chef Marcela Valladolid "Mexican made Easy" book. The creators are a lovely young couple (Kristin + Antonio) that they were in front of me during the signing. I noticed that Chef Marcela did a post on facebook about them and the rest is history. The blog is amazing! Forget about the "No Reservations" episode dedicated to Baja. This blog is the real deal, from vendors, trips, festivals and taco stands they visit all. So if you want to check out Baja in a culinary adventure I'll recommend you to check out their blog first! Thank you Kristin+Antonio for making Tijuana proud.

images via: life & food blog


  1. Hello There! First off, I can not thank you enough for the kind comments. You honestly made my day! :D. This is exactly why we love what we do, and we appreciate you spreading the love as well! Take Care!

  2. Hi Kristin! Thanks. We love your blog and the stories are always amazing. Keep on reading :)


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