Thursday, July 19, 2012

Tijuana Farmers Market

Mercado Hildago

Mercado Campestre

San Diego has some wonderful Farmer's Markets but don't under estimated the people from Tijuana. In Tijuana there's the legendary "Mercado Hildago" a staple for chefs and restaurants in the city as well as the new "Mercado Campestre" in Chapultepe.
Mercado Hildalgo is been there as long as I can remember such an iconic corner in the city of Tijuana. Located in boulevard Sanchez Taboada and Independencia avenue this is where locals come to buy spices, dried chilies, exotic produce, fresh tortillas and seasonal specialties made from Aztec grains. Dried hibiscus flowers make excellent tea and lets not forget the traditional Mexican candy and the pinatas. Open seven days a week.
Mercado Campestre was establish in 2011 and its specialize in organic produce from the different farmers from Baja, were you can find a great selection of jams, cheeses, spices and wines as well as ready to eat food. Only opens on Sundays.
The Farmer's Market communality is growing bigger and stronger each year so don't be surprise if Tijuana has a diferent "Mercado" each day. Also be sure to check with customs before taking fruits or vegetables over the border.

images via: flickr

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