Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Tony in Baja!

 Oaxaqueno Restaurant in Ensenada

Baja Beach

 Las Ahumaderas

La Guerrerense

On Monday was the most anticipated Tijuana/Baja show for Tijuana foodies since the first look of Chef Marcela in MS: The Apprentice. Highly buzz on social media, this episode of No Reservations: Baja in been 10 years in the waiting. Being a Tijuana native I was happy, disappointed and relief of the show. Don't get me wrong I love Anthony Bourdain for over a decade but I was a little disappointing of my Tijuana crew. I mean "Las Ahumaderas", "Kentucky Friend Buches" they went for the kitsch and not for the goodness. There's so many iconic places in Tijuana to eat: Hotel Cesar, Mariscos Titos, Tacos "El Guero" or Tacos "Aaron"  or any other hot dog stand in Downtown... but what I did like is that we went to my all time favorite dive bar "Dandy's del Sur". Also I would love to see Rafa Saavedra, Gerardo Yepiz  or the kids from Life & Food blog as the Tijuana fixers! The Ensenada and Valle de Guadalupe were amazing specially "Corazon de Tierra" you can see the love and honesty the chefs have for their land. Overall not bad! I think this is an amazing  source  for people to see that Baja is not all about drugs, prostitutes and pharmacies. Baja has so much to give to the world and chefs like Marcela, Placencia and specially Benito Molina and Diego Hernandez-Velasco Baquedano are a spark of hope to our community.

images via: no reservations

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