Sunday, May 27, 2012

Mexico in San Diego

 El Comal

El Zarape

One of the things that I missed the most since I move to San Diego is Mexican food but REAL Mexican food not those dishes stuff with flour tortillas, yellow cheese and sour cream (believe me that's not Mexican). After years of looking for somehow close authentic Mexican food in my neighborhood. These two places are close to the delicious flavors of my country.

El Comal:
Enjoy authentic Mexican cuisine, handmade according to time-honored traditions.Over the years El Comal have dedicated themselves to creating dishes with only the freshest ingredients. They don't just make mexican food, they make the most Authentic Mexican Food just like how it's made in the kitchen at home; with lots of love and care. they gives their patrons a dining experience that is unique and fills not only your stomach but your soul.

"...Si buscas la comida autentica de Mexico; que disfrutabas entu tierra, la encontraras aqui... en! "El Comal"
Aqui usamos los metados tradicionales que se han usado duranate siglos por nuestra gente. Por eso cuando estes en EL Comal; es como estar en tu casa.."

Favorite: pozole verde & sope

El Zarape:
Easy, honest  flavors with a seaside casual  flair. The best fish tacos in San Diego. The customer service is great!

Favorite: fajitas burrito & fish with shrimp burrito

images via: comal & zarape


  1. El Zarape on Adams or the one on Park?


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