Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Italian Coffee

All Italian Coffee by Debi Mazar & Gabrielle Corcos from Under the Tuscan Gun. Dont forget to check their new show Extra Virgin in the Cooking Channel.

We are very happy to finally get to this episode.
We have been waiting for our Italian family to ship us a Napoletana coffee machine, as we felt we needed it to fulfill our desire to pay homage to such an old and very traditional kitchen piece.
So, today we will guide you through the necessary steps, in order to make the best and purest Italian Coffee!
In the picture, from left to right: the De Longhi Espresso Machine "Magnifica", a bottle of Grappa Di Barolo (for your Corretto Coffee), a Bialetti "Mukka Express", a Bialetti "Moka", and an old (still shiny) Napoletana Machine.
Just one note: We have been trying almost every coffee in the past seven years (at least for the time Gabriele has been living in Los Angeles), and it truly has been hard to find "The One"....at least for us...here in the US.
Strangely enough, all the Italian blends represented in local stores are very toasted and very bitter, qualities you won't sometimes find in Italy...for the same brands. Maybe just a matter of marketing? Do Americans really like a "different" flavor?
After tasting many different kinds, several beans and ground mixes (we even dared to try a Sturbucks ...ops), we are finally very happy to say it! We have found a favorite brand!

Bustelo Coffee!

video via: under the tuscan gun

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