Monday, July 5, 2010

Cool Trucks

Cool Ice Cream Trucks. When I was growing up all the ice cream trucks look the same: white with a bunch of stickers, advertising all the product that they had. It was so overwhelming for a kid that I usually order the same thing over and over again. This ones are full with personality, clean and easy on the eye! Love Them! Also not everybody knows that I love any good old roach coach maybe because my parents had one when I was growing up! If you like this post you may enjoy this one and this one.


  1. Love these! Wonder if they all play special music? ;)

  2. i love love love these! hopefully one day you will have my trailer up here - it will be an airstream with "fred" on the side and the smell of pie and ice cream will be wafting from it where ever it may be...
    thanks for the kick in the pants to get this on the go! xo

  3. These trucks are full of personality, indeed. Just the sight of these trucks makes you want to get some ice cream in all different flavors!

    Junior Perrera

  4. What is the third from the bottom? I want it.


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