Friday, January 1, 2010

2009 Recap

JANUARY...started the blog and facebook account and it helped me reconnect with long lost friends. Yan's birthday too! be honest its really foggy. All I remember lost of bills to pay, lost of work and lost of saving.

JUNE...feeling overwork I got a fab massage at Chiropractique.

JULY...the bowling league started and we won third place.

AUGUST...after months and months of saving we finally got a car that we really wanted.

SEPTEMBER...met the big Martha with my mom. Halloween ever. Dressed as Rosie and went to celebrate at Disneyland. We also saw the fab Stompy Jones that night.

NOVEMBER...went to the Wine & Food fest and celebrated my b-day. Also started the list!

DECEMBER...finally a vacation. Hosted X-Mas dinner with the whole family.

NEW YEAR...bring in the new year with a romantic dinner with the hubby at KemoSabe.

All and all the year wasn't to bad. Got my health, my job and my family. Looking forward to a new begging with Yan and the dogs.

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