Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Drink all about it!

Peet's Coffee

Whistle Stop

Every Saturday or Sunday we religiously go to Peet's Coffee to get our caffeine fix and we always order the same thing: small latte with two shoots of espresso and a pump of hazelnut and to eat a fruit and nut scone...yummy! Oohhh and Yan always order a the same latte with no hazelnut but brown sugar and a banana nut cake. But this Saturday after a movie we decided to stop at the Whistle Stop and we totally loved it. Its good to have a date night once in a while after a long week. So check this little bar in south park. Good music, good drinks and good ambiance.

1 comment:

  1. Once again I am so delighted to catch up on your wonderful Blog. It is so great to have Cafe Ole in the same building where I work every day. Yan, Heidi and David are so nice and friendly. I love to talk chess with Yan and art with Heidi. And the food and beverages are prepared with such care and passion. The blog is my favorite! Now I know the best places to explore for great dinning, beverages and deserts. Thank you so much!


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