Sunday, August 12, 2012

Valle de Guadalupe

Sorry about the lack of posting lately but I decided to take a little break. After a year of a very stick schedule that follow two part-time jobs and full time school...I think two weeks of not doing anything are well deserved. During those weekends we decided to go to Vallle de Guadalupe. You can say is Baja's version of the USA's Napa Valley. The scenery is glorious, the wine refreshing, the food amazing and the hospitality like nothing else. Less than an 90 minute drive from  the border this trip is enchanting for a quick romantic getaway. Here are the places we visit:

  • Ochentos Pizza: Delicious italian food with the Baja twist. Live music everyday and the seasoning from this tiny little place is spot on.
  • Corazón de Tierra: Such a magical place. The moment that you set foot to this place you know that something special is going on. The love and care that Chef Diego Hernandez-Velasco Baquedano puts in every plate is tangible, plus you can tour there herb garden.
  • Museo del Vino: This bran new museum open to the public about two weeks ago. Here you can learn about the history of wine in Baja plus the have a bus trip package to tour the Baja wineries.
  • Vinicola Emevé: What a place. The modern Baja is here to stay! Great location, modern, luxe and yet rustic. This place is great to drink big tumblers of wine until night plus you can go to the vineyard fields were the grapes are harvesting.
  • Barón Balché: Rustic Baja at its best. You can rent a cabin here or just camp in the recreation area surrounded by the Balché vineyard and nature.
  • Hacienda Guadalupe: Great little place to eat. Great food, herb garden and breath thanking views. The staff is very helpful and extremely nice plus you can stay in there hotel too at Hotel Guadalupe.
  • Museo Ruso: If you are coming to the vineyards the Russian Museum is a must. This modest little museum is full of history. Here you can see the way the Russian immigrants live in Baja, how they work the land and started there own business. Buying the delicious Russian bread, olive oil and jams are a must do. 

We stop to little shops (Bibayoff, Alximia, La Casa de Doña Lupe, Monte Xanic) between every major stop and let me tell you that the quality of food and ingredients in Valle de Guadalupe is superior that other places we have visit. Besides the lovely wine, we hugely recommend eating and buying their cheeses, olive oil, jams, breads and their lavender care lines. Hugely aromatic. Can't wait to visit soon and stay here!

images via: haydee yanez

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