Monday, April 2, 2012

Coffee Percolator

One of our favorites ways to make and drink coffee is with a percolator. You must choose one of good quality. We always choose the standard Italian percolator is a little bit pricey but worth every penny. There's also a good one from Ikea but personally I choose Bialetti. Here is how to make that perfect cup of Joe!

  1. Fill the percolator with water to the desired level using the markings on the side wall of the coffee pot.
  2. Put the coffee pot basket onto the pump stem, and insert into the percolator.
  3. Add one tablespoon coarsely ground coffee per cup into the basket.
  4. Place the basket cover on top of the basket, then put the percolator top on making sure that it closes securely.
  5. Set the percolator onto the stove and cook over medium heat. The coffee is brewed when you see the desired coffee color in the clear glass knob on the top of the percolator cover.
  6. Remove the percolator from the stove and serve the coffee.
image via: flickr

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