Thursday, February 23, 2012

Mod4: Assignment 01

Hello there! Lately school's been so overwhelming that I been forgetting to post the last two assignments. We are on another module now! We are DONE with print. We are currently working with audio and video, so you are gonna see more interactive assignments. The first assignment was in Garage Band, so fun! The assignment was to edit a video, courtesy of the apple collection and add NEW audio to it with the help of GB. I wanted something industrial with electronic and I think this work pretty well considering this is my first time working with video & audio. I did listen to a lot of groups to gather inspiration, my favorite are: Bat for Lashes, Nine Inch Nails, The London Suede, Gus Gus, Atticus Ross and Massive Attack. Also here, here and here are some of my favorite assignments so far!

video via: the apple collection audio via: haydee yanez

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