Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Gift Giving!

Is the thought that counts...not! Although I am grateful that somebody thought of me this holiday season sometimes is not always the case. This year I received the most random gifts ever! Stuff that are not my taste and that I will never ever used. I'm not gonna lie I was really disappointed with the selection but most of all was shock that somebody wasted there hard earn money on something useless or the fact that really nobody knows me/or what I liked. So before you are a victim of the gift giving blues think about this:

10 Golden Rules of Gift Giving

1. Set a Budget
The budget depends on how money you can afford to spend, how many people are pitching in to get the gift, the type of event being celebrated, and how important the gift-recipient is to you. When you set a budget it makes it easier to define the sort of gift you need to buy.

2. Consider the Event’s Importance
Particularly its importance to the person being honored. Some people go all out to celebrate a birthday; while others place more importance on Christmas... some even celebrate certain saint’s days. But there’s no need to wait for a special event to buy a gift; it’s always nice to get unexpected, spontaneous gifts.

3. Respect Your Friend’s Taste
Before you buy anything, keep in mind your friend or family member’s tastes. Take note of the sorts of things your friend tends to buy, their favorite colors, what their house looks like, their pastimes... If it’s someone you know well, buying a gift should not be too difficult. If you don’t know them very well, do some research, ask questions and find out as much as you can about them.

4. Take Notes All Year Round
If you often surf the Internet and you find a gift idea for a friend or family member, make sure you use the bookmarks on your browser to keep track of that page so you won’t forget it. Sites such as that manage a personalize wish list of your family or friend and allow you to organize and check them out using any computer are also quite helpful. When that birthday or holiday rolls around, all you’ll have to do is consult your friends/family wish list: it’s like a letter to Santa, only the gift-giver writes it.

5. Look for Ideas: Brainstorming + Internet
Prepare a meeting with anyone else who’ll be pitching in for the gift so you can brainstorm gift ideas. Let each person make suggestions, and make sure you take notes. Then buy whatever you like. You can also get ideas from the Internet. There are specialized gift sites such as uncommon goods or red envelope, where you can find gifts for everyone (girlfriend, kids, ex, grandparents, mom...) and for any occasion (Christmas, Valentine’s, Father’s Day...).

6. Nothing Too Practical
Your gift shouldn’t be something practical: they’ve probably got that sorted. Socks, photo albums, tablecloths... Save yourself the trouble. Generally, most people take care of their own needs and when your birthday comes around you expect to get a treat, the sort of thing you’d never buy for yourself or simply can’t afford.

7. No Decorative Accessories
None. Even if you think you know your friend perfectly well, home decor is very personal. A picture, some cushions, a wall calendar, a clock... don’t risk it. If they don’t like it, they’ll have to hang it one the wall every time you visit, and will end up resenting you. It could ruin the friendship.

8. Ask Them What They’d Like
This is an extreme option you should only pursue if you’re desperate and aren’t very sure of yourself. Advantages: you’ll get something they like. Disadvantages: there’s no surprise factor and your friend will quickly forget who got them that great gift.

9. Make Creative Gifts
Gifts don’t always have to be something material. You can also design them yourself, buy theater tickets, organize a surprise party, a trip, or offer to be someone’s slave for a day. The best gifts are creative.

10. All-Purpose Gifts
These gifts may not be very original, but they’re sure to be a hit:
-For gals: candles and soaps.
-For guys: gadgets and their favorite TV series on DVD.
-For moms: flowers and theater tickets.
-For dads: films and technology.
-For people who have it all: something totally useless. It’s something they’re not likely to have already.
-For people who never buy anything: essential basics such as personalized towels, journal or a mug.
-Never Fail: movie tickets, spa certificate, favorite restaurant gift card, a good book and a staycation in their favorite hotel.

Also is your heart is not in it don't give anything. It's better that way, a bad gift can ruin everything.

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