Friday, January 3, 2014

Eating Las Vegas

We are officially back from our Holiday break and let me tell you it was lovely. We usually stay home during this time but we decided to go to Vegas and see what the see city has to offer.
We haven't been to Vegas in almost ten years and the city is completely different. We did the usual touristy stuff, such as watching shows, cruising the hotels, going to the spa and most importantly to eat and eat some more. Here are some of the places we visit.

Beijing Noodle No.9, Caesars Palace. When we booked the trip we also make sure to make reservations to restaurants and it make a huge difference. This little place is always pack with a 45-60 minute waiting line. The handmade noodles make a huge difference, the place is gorgeous and the food is delicious but the staff leaves you with a bad taste in your mouth. You almost have to have a ruthless attitude to command their respect, its definitive an insiders place and they will let you know that you are a stranger. Would I go back? Not really but it was worth a shot.

Burger Bar, Mandalay Place. Oh boy! Oh boy! Two words...Hubert Keller! I been in love with Chef Hubert Keller since I saw him in the first season of Top Chef Masters. Dreamy, talented and french. We wanted to eat at Fleur de Lys for a while but its always booked. So when the hubby said he wanted a burger I knew exactly were. For some crazy reason they had walk-ins that day and they quickly gave us a table. The staff was friendly, nice and accommodating, just exactly what you want from a chef in control. The burgers were delicious and the sweet potato fries too but if you want your mind to be blown away just order one of the alcoholic milkshakes...WOW! There tall, rich and boozy, a meal at is own. Would I go back? Of course!

The Barrymore, Royal Resort Casino. This a gem! If you have a love for showgirls, glitz and glam this is the place for you. Classic Las Vegas in one little restaurant. Everything is so gorgeous, you will think that Frank, Sammy and Dino eat here every night after their show at the Sands. Again the place is impeccable, the staff friendly and the food is beyond delicious. We had a pre-fixed menu because it was Christmas day but the food was outstanding. Three courses with champs and our waiter was delightful. Would I go back? Hell yes! I would marry again to have my reception here yes!

Border Grill, Mandalay Place. We can go so far not eating mexican food and I was craving guacamole for a couple a days now. So we did the unthinkable... we cancel our reservations from Mesa Grill (Bobby...who?) and went straight to Border Grill. We love, love Susan Feniger (lovely lady) and we wanted to try her food for a while. Again no reservations, we just walk-in and they accommodate us really quickly. We started with chips, salsa and guacamole and the most delicious and fresh peach and strawberry lemonade. The food delicious, the staff friendly, funny and easy going and the place relax and inspiring. Would I go back? Of course, just to support Chef Feniger.

So that's it folks. We know that people love Vegas just to gamble but let me tell you if you are not playing in a poker tournament, your chance to beating the house are pretty slim so instead just enjoy Vegas and eat deliciously.

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