Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Café Olé Updates!

Hello my port friends!

Remember me? Its Haydee! Some of you may wonder...What ever happened to the girl from café olé? Like everyone, our coffee shop is also suffering in this economy and in order to bring you the best quality of ingredients and flavors I need it to take a part time job. I'm still very much part of café olé but most of you don't see me cause I'm there either at 5:45 AM or 3:45 in the afternoon. Also I went back to school to pursuit my other passion (design), with all the time restrictions WE been developing a new "daily special" menu pack with FLAVOR! I may not do the famous enchiladas or roll tacos but the tostadas, lasagnas and soft tacos are still going strong and more Mexican delights are on their way! If you want to include some of your favorites specials in a catering order please contact Yan so we can make it happen. Please visit our facebook page and also our recipe page for daily news and updates!

with care,

image via: plan59

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