Monday, October 17, 2011

Mod01: Assignment 04

Thumbnails & Sketches

Final Cover
Just for Fun!

After 5 weeks the Photoshop module is over! Our final Assignment (04) was to design an book/magazine/cd cover with a title given to us. Mine was "Harmonic Dream" besides working with original content, typography was a big part of the design. Fonts always been a big part of my designs and I usually get great inspiration from House Industries. I started with an eye sketch but after doing research online on book covers they were a lot of similar designs, so I skip this idea. I truly wanted to work with original images in a surreal atmosphere. At the end I'm really happy with the result especially with the colors and fonts. The last image is a fun flapper girl that I just imposed the tittle, it looks cute but not functional at all. Can't wait for module 02 "Illustration".

image via: haydee yanez

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