Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Vintage Mexico on Etsy

 Embroidered Dress

 Traditional Chiconcuac Sweater

Colorful handmade Skirt

Pretty Mexican finds on Etsy.. There are a couple of really good vintage mexican stores out there. MexChic it's a good one. Always with amazing textiles, a little bit pricey but they are handmade and so worth it!. Sugar Mule has amazing scarfs and Aida Coronado beautiful embroidered dresses. Also you can find pretty Mexican Circle Skirts or Hand Tooled Crafts on site but my favorite vintage store on Etsy its has to be San Diego's very own Wear It Again Sam were you can find extraordinary mexican goods.

image via: etsy


  1. hola me encanta ese sweater kres k puedo encontrar mas como ese estilo en esa ciudad?

    1. Oh Claro! estan un poco altos de precio pero vale la pena. Otra solucion puede ser a tiendas de segunda o en el closet de tu abuelita :)Saludos y gracias por leer el blog!


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