Saturday, February 26, 2011

Meet me at...Sanborns

Lately we been dreading going to Tijuana and is not the violence or the drugs as everybody thinks but the traffic. Its just to much for me but after a rainy morning in TJ full of traffic and pot holes in the streets theres nothing like going to Sanborns to make it all better but not any old Sanborns you have to go to the one in Avenida Revolución (Downtown). This is my Tijuana full of amazing food, culture and good attitude. Not only you can eat there but they have a good selection of books and magazines. This restaurant makes me so happy...full of memories when I first met my husband this was our meeting point to have a good time in downtown TJ. By the way I just love, love the way the waitress dress very colorful!! Here is a little bit of Sanborns history(in Spanish).

image via: sanborns flickr

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