Sunday, January 2, 2011

New Year... More or Less

I really don't believe in resolutions. People usually tried to hard to accomplish them early in the year and then forget about it. Its all about taking it day by day. So this more my style of making this happened without depriving yourself.
  • More Reading, less watching.
  • More Produce, less product.
  • More Tea, less coffee.
  • More Saving, less spending.
  • More Paper, less plastic.
  • More Walking, less driving.
  • More Vintage, less brand new.
  • More Park, less city.
  • More Adventures, less comfort.
  • More Change, less routine.
  • More Gratitude, less attitude.
  • More Conscious, less sleepwalking.
And always, always...Work Hard but Play Harder!! Happy 20011 :)

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