Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Lady Dandy

Dandyism is a movement having its roots in Great Britain. A dandy was a man concerned with his physical appearance and refined language, trying to imitate the aristocratic style although he belonged to the middle-class. The female version of the dandy appeared in the early 1800s. These women were known as Dandyess or Dandizettes until the 20th century, when they became Quaintrelles.

The female dandy is part Beau Brummell, part Oscar Wilde, and at times a touch of Coco Chanel. It's a mixture of sharp tailoring and stereotypically masculine clothes, but all cut to accentuate and flatter the female body.

Key elements
  • Britishness; particularly Regency era British fashion
  • High collars; ruffle and bow blouses
  • Cropped slim-cut jackets in both a double or single breast
  • Waist coats & tailored vests
  • Fob chains
  • Frock coats and tail coats
  • High-waisted jodhpurs

Cinched Waists
A cinched waist is one way of feminising a masculine outfit. Try adding a waist cinching belt or nipped-in jacked to neaten up an overall dandy look.

Brooches are one of the best way to slow off that dandy edge, but to get the dandy fashion trend spot on you'll need to aim for a brooch that is slightly larger than most of those made for women. I suggest taking inspiration from men's brooche to get the androgynous feel spot on.

Ties, bow ties, scarves and hats
This are also a must in order to complete your androgynous look.
Though is rather composed of masculine inspired elements, you have to make sure you feminize your outfit.

Here is some video of the ultimate lady dandy of this generation:Janelle Monae.

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