Monday, May 10, 2010

Favorite Places to Eat

Breakfast: The Mission (North Park)

Lunch & Brunch: Urban Solace

Dinner: Il Postino

Dessert: Chocolat

Drinks: West Coast Tavern

Right know this are our favorite places to eat or drink. The Mission is an all time favorite. It never disappoint but you got to go there really early and because we live in walking distance to it its even more perfect. Urban Solace has great soups and the best egg bread ever!! Il Postino is a new obsession...never in my life I have gone to same restaurant in the same week... that's how good it is. For desserts we have been hooked on the creamy gelato that Chocolat has and there's more goodies like chocolates, cookies and other yummy stuff and for drinks we recently went to West Coast Tavern with another couple and it was great. Good service, awesome appetizer and delicious drinks. So when Cafe Olé its closed on the weekends these are our favorites places to go....and always...always Peet's Coffee.

images via: yelp & sign on san diego

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