Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Top Secret

I was reading about some restaurant's secrets and let me tell you it didn't sound good. Here is an example:

Did you know?
Starbucks doesn’t want you to know that most of its lattés pack more sugar than a two-scoop ice cream sundae. The Starbucks nutrition Web site boasts that one Grande Latté provides half of your recommended calcium intake for an entire day; what it doesn’t say is that some of those calcium-packed beverages also provides almost your entire day’s worth of sugars. Check it out: A no-whip Grande Gingersnap Latté packs 34 grams of the sweet stuff, a no-whip Grande Cinnamon Dolce Latte offers 38 grams, and the healthy-sounding Grande Black Tea Latté includes 31 grams. Add whipped cream, add sugar. And cutting back from 2 percent milk to skim doesn’t help, either—in fact, the fat-free versions are even sweeter.

To avoid secrets Cafe Ole is proud to work with CafeMoto and other local and organic Markets, with us you will know exactly what your drinking and eating. We will gladly talk to you if you have any questions about coffee and food.

Did you know?
Cafe Moto, proud roasters & drinkers of coffees & teas. We are a second-generation family owned & operated business that encourages sustainability, by fostering beneficial relationships among farmers and our customers. We purchase organic and Fair Trade products, promoting a healthy environment, fair wages, & permitting relationships to pass on to our future generations.

Did you know?
That Whole Foods, Henry's farmers market and Pancho Villa's farmers market are all related and you can find the same product at different prices for their different customers.

image via: flickr

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